4 Passenger Electric Cart (Daily Rental)

Four passenger electric street legal golf cart. Average ~4 hours run time on a full charge.

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Four passenger electric powered street legal golf cart. Electric carts last on average 4 hours of driving time on a full charge (depending on weight, speed and distance traveled). Customers are responsible for charging electric carts and refunds WILL NOT be issued for carts that are inoperable due to the customer either using the cart for an extended period or not properly charging the cart. All carts are due back by 6:00 PM on the return date. NOTE: Some Condos on Saint Simons and Sea Island do not allow you to charge electric carts. Please check with us to make sure you are staying in a electric cart friendly unit.

4 Passenger Gas Cart (Daily Rental)

Four passenger gas powered golf cart

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Four passenger gas powered street legal golf cart.

6 Passenger Gas Cart (Daily Rental)

Six Passenger Gas Cart

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Six passenger street legal Gas Cart